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Diesel Injection Testing

We perform a complete test against manufacturer approved values and will give you the report

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Our highly skilled mechanics can supply and fit any engine, our competitive labour rates, a 12 month or 12,000 mile guarantee to give you the best service

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Reconditioned Engines

Our engine reconditioning workshop is fully equipped with the latest technology

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clutchThere are many possible symptoms that could indicate a faulty clutch, and could also be something else entirely. It is always best to get expert advice from trained mechanics before fitting a new clutch.

The most common symptoms of a faulty clutch are as follows:

  • SLIPย โ€“ This would be partial or total loss of drive, with vehicle speed much lower than normal compared with engine speed. This is caused by a worn friction plate or oil on the friction plate.
  • JUDDERINGย โ€“ If your car shudders or vibrates when you move away from resting, it may be that your gearbox mounts are broken or you have a problem with the friction plate.
  • DRAGย โ€“ You may experience difficulty in obtaining first or reverse gear, which could mean the clutch cable is not at the correct adjustment or the centre plate is sticking.
  • FIERCENESSย โ€“ If you experience sudden movement of the car even when you release the clutch slowly, it could mean one of many things, from a problem with the clutch arm through to engine/gearbox alignment.

We use top quality LUK clutches, feel free to click on the link below for more detailed information about these products.

Please call us today for more information, or if you would like to bring your vehicle in to our technicians.

We also deal with the repair or replacement ofย cam belts.

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