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Diesel Injection Testing

We perform a complete test against manufacturer approved values and will give you the report

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Our highly skilled mechanics can supply and fit any engine, our competitive labour rates, a 12 month or 12,000 mile guarantee to give you the best service

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Reconditioned Engines

Our engine reconditioning workshop is fully equipped with the latest technology

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cylinder_head1Cylinder Heads

The Rapid Bronze Sleeve System is today’s preferred method of rebuilding cylinder heads. It has all the benefits required for both cast-iron heads and the ever popular aluminium heads. Aluminium heads are fragile and prone to severe warpage, therefore requiring more precision workmanship. The Rapid system we use does not disturb the head or alter inside dimensions, since we are only rebuilding the inside of the existing guide. Good alignment to the seats is assured. We not only work on reconditioning cylinder heads but also provide fully reconditioned engines straight from our workshop.

engine_block2Rapid Systems

We currently have four machines in operation for our head work. As mentioned above, our Mira Rapid System Machine enables us to give a three angled cut to the valve seat, making the engine more efficient. Our Sioux Machine refaces the valves to their original tolerances, for a gas-tight seal and a better compression ratio. Our Head Skimmer refaces the heads and blocks giving a clean, flat finished surface. Once assembled, we use a pressure and vacuum testing system.


engine_gaskets3We carry a wide range of engine gaskets and seals in stock. If we don’t have what you require, they can be ordered and delivered to us within hours.




Cylinder Heads

valves4Brand new and reconditioned cylinder heads are available from our wide stock supply.

Regal Engines maybe based in Essex, but we have clients who come to us for a reconditioned engine as far as Hertfordshire, Kent and the entire area of Essex.

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