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Terms & Conditions




1) Requirements and Occurrences

1.1) Air conditioning: In certain vehicles, removal of the engine leads to a loss of pressure in the air conditioning unit requiring a re-gas, which is a service available at an extra cost.

1.2) Audio Units: Please ensure that any codes required after any reset are stored, this may be a result of the battery being disconnected during engine labour.

1.3) Car Alarm System: Please provide us with both the manual switch-off key for the car alarm and any remote-control device.

1.4) Engine Management Faults: Some vehicles require fault code management of the engine memory requiring a reset with the use of diagnostic and assertion equipment, which is a service available at an extra cost.

1.5) Engine Numbers: It is a requirement by law that the original engine number is visually legible which can be found on the cylinder block of the engine. We reserve the right to refuse to continue with any work agreed to be conducted in the event of the engine number showing evidence of poor visibility, alterations or deletion. Any such findings will be reported to the police to avoid any assistance in relation to stolen vehicles. Any vehicle or engine block which requires further investigation by the police will be retained at our discretion. If such circumstances arise and we are unable to recondition or replace the existing engine as a result, the customer will still be liable for the fees related to any work carried out up until the point of detection.

1.6) Any vehicle that is sent into our workshop the interior must be clean and free of mould. Any vehicle found to have mould inside will be charged a mandatory cleaning of £40+VAT as this is to ensure the safety of our road testers.

1.7) Before sending any vehicle to our workshop to have any engine works carried out the vehicle must be free of any modifications; this will include any re-maps or performance modifications that can put stress on the engine once it has been rebuilt. 

1.8) Any modifications to be found during the rebuild process will need to be removed at a cost to the customer in order to have a warranty on the engine works carried out.

2) Personal Belongings

2.1) Before the vehicle is provided to us it is the customer’s responsibility to remove any personal belongings within the vehicle. The company will not accept any liability in the event of any loss or damage to personal belongings for the duration that the vehicle is in our possession.

3) Estimates/Quotes

3.1) After processing an enquiry, we will be able to offer an initial estimate/Quotation for replacing or reconditioning the existing engine block which includes the following: Cylinder block, cylinder head/heads, sump and only the internal engine components, the condition of the existing engine components cannot be determined until inspected, hence only estimates/Quotes can be given.

3.2) Our estimates/Quotes are based on any fault information received from the customer, however there are instances when reconditioning the engine requires further parts for successful completion of the job which may increase the cost of the initial quotation, in any instance notification will always be delegated to the customer, thus providing us with any known fault information during estimation is always essential to attain a more concise estimate.

3.3) Any initial time scales are only estimated as time scales can differ dependant on the condition of the existing engine components cannot be determined until inspected, hence only estimates can be given.

4) Deposits

4.1) Once the vehicle has been booked in we need a deposit of £1000.00 which is non refundable for the engine removal, dismantling and assessment of your engine. This deposit is non-refundable and will be used in the case of any termination of works carried out on the vehicle.

5) Engine components

5.1) After the removal, dismantling of the engine and high pressure component cleansing, our experts will determine the component usability and likelihood of functionality for the remanufacturing process. Any components which cannot be reconditioned will incur extra fees in order to be replaced. Such components include the cylinder head, camshafts, cylinder block, cylinder liners, crankshaft, connecting rods and sump. In such a situation the customer will always be contacted and advised of any extra fees due to non functionality of any existing engine components.

6) Ancillary Components

6.1) Once a visual health check of the engine and its components have been carried out which indicates any work required as well as the inclusion of any necessary ancillary parts (components that assist the primary engine function) which are a requirement to recondition the engine. Ancillary components are not a part of the engine and will incur an extra cost. We do not accept components from the customer to be fitted under any circumstances.

6.1.1) Any quotations are priced solely to rebuild the engine and does not include a/c gas, sundries which are required extras in order have a warranty on the engine.

7) Component Replacement

7.1) In instances where recommended or essential replacements are required the customer will be contacted in advance to notify and breakdown the costs detailed in the full report to gain proceeding authorisation before any further work is carried out. The customer is responsible for providing valid contact details including name, home address, contact numbers and email addresses.

8) Once the customer has understood and agreed to the breakdown of costs the conditioning process is initiated. If the customer decides not to proceed with the engine reconditioning, the outstanding balance in relation to the, engine removal, dismantling, cleansing of any components and report analysis detailing engine condition and work required any costs must be cleared in full before the vehicle can be released. The customer is not obligated to accept additional work however if such work is deemed as necessary in order to recondition the engine and approval is refused by the customer no further work will be carried out on the engine and the charges applicable will be due.

9) Termination Of Agreement

9.1) If the customer instructs us to cease work on their engine for any particular reason, they are obligated to pay for any work up until the point of instruction is received. Charges for labour will be at the hourly rate set by Regal Engines of £80.00 plus VAT. The dismantled, cleansed engine and components will be placed in the trunk of the vehicle and await payment and release.

9.2) It is the customers responsibility to check all their parts are present before the vehicle leaves our premises. Once the vehicle has left our premises we will not accept any responsibility for the vehicle or any of its components and contents.

10) Insurance

10.1) The customer is obligated to have a valid insurance policy which is initiated before the commencement of work and for the duration the vehicle is in our possession. This is a requirement as any loss, theft or damage to the vehicle must be claimed through the customers own insurance, the company accepts no liability in any such incident.

11) Payment, Road Tests and Delivery/Collection

11.1) Once the job has been completed or the agreement has been terminated, the remaining l balances must be cleared in full.

11.2) The customer gives full authorization for an insured employee to road test the vehicle.

11.3) Any additional electronic diagnostics whether on site or from an external source will be charged to the final bill.

11.4) Road tests can range from 50-100 miles, fuel for this service is chargeable to the customers final bill.

11.5) If the customer requires the vehicle be delivered this service may be provided at an extra cost which will be arranged for and added to the final Invoice prior to release of the vehicle.

11.6) If the customer is at the report stage or is collecting the vehicle we oblige to store for a maximum of seven days. If no collection agreements have been proposed, the customer will be liable for any storage charges incurred after the seven day period

11.7) After a period of 30 days, the company may (at its discretion) sell or scrap the vehicle to cover costs incurred or any other balances owed to the company.

11.8) Regal will not act on any 3rd Party Warranty / Insurance claims requested from the customer.

12) Storage

12.1) Failure to comply with the delivery/collection agreement of the vehicle or engine and/or payment of any outstanding charges on the bill will result in a storage charge of £25.00 plus VAT per day for Cars and £45 per day for vans whilst kept on site.. In addition, any correspondence sent to the customer will incur further fees of £45.00 plus VAT per item. Under the circumstances where no delivery/collection arrangements and payments have been arranged within ninety days of job completion or generation of the report analysis, the company is entitled to release or dispose of the vehicle under the Torts (Interference Of Goods) Act 1977 without affecting any statutory rights towards law suits claiming any outstanding balances and fees incurred.

 13) Delays

13.1) We always aim to complete work within the estimated time frame advised to the customer as this is beneficial for both parties concerned.

There are however instances where delays can occur due to minimal availability of the parts required or when ordering specific parts from another country in order to complete the job. In any case the time scale can only be an approximation and the company will not accept any liability for losses arising due to the onset of delays though we will endeavour to inform the customer if any such situation should occur.

14) Liability

14.1) The company will not accept any liability in relation to any engines, components or vehicles and vehicle items at any point whilst in our possession. In the unlikely event that an incident should arise it is the customer’s duty of care to have a valid insurance policy to file a claim. The customer will be liable to clear any balances owed to the company detailed in the sections above.

15) Servicing

15.1) In order to retain the 1 year/12,000-mile warranty (whichever is first) the customer is subject to servicing the vehicle with the company or another garage. An initial running in service is required between 500miles or 2 months (whichever is first) from the date of the invoice. The second service is required at 1000 miles or 6 months (whichever is first) and every 6000 miles thereafter until the end of the mileage allocation or warranty period in order to check and maintain engine durability.

15.2) For the first 500-600 miles all the engine components need to wear in so we ask you do not exceed 70MPH.

15.3) The vehicle should not be used for any off road or racing purposes.

15.4) In order to maintain your warranty the vehicle needs to be serviced every 6 months or 6000 miles (whichever comes first) thereafter.

16) Warranty

16.1) The engine or vehicle must be returned to us with the original invoices in any instance. If any internal components of the engine have been

removed, replaced or rectified in any way by any person, other than our company, any warranty will subsequently become void.

16.2) The engine or vehicle must not have been subject to misuse i.e. overheating, neglect, modifications, repairs.

16.3) We shall not be liable under this guarantee for any fault in the engine arising from the installation or use of any defective service part. 

16.4) In the event of any work required under the warranty, the engine must not exceed the mileage or time set for service intervals. The mileage and times will be physically checked before any work is conducted. If any mileage or time allocations mentioned in the servicing section are exceeded, the warranty will be refused.

16.5) Once the vehicle has left the premises (collected or delivered), the warranty does not cover recovery, delivery or any form of third party costs incurred at any point in time (including faults via workmanship and defective parts), it is solely the customers responsibility to arrange the warranty repairs required or to arrange an appointed independent assessor which has been mutually agreed by both parties, for inspection purposes only and before any further repairs are conducted.

16.6) If the vehicle is sold the warranty is non-transferable and will become void.

16.7) If the vehicle seems to be overheating or you hear any unfamiliar sounds from the engine bay you must stop driving the car immediately. Once the vehicle has been inspected it is at our discretion to determine whether the vehicle has been misused.

16.8) If any fault occurs due to non fitment of advisory items recommended on the engine, the warranty will not cover any engine or ancillary component failure as a result.

16.9) In the event of any warranty work required, the period of warranty cover does not reset. Neither is the time taken to repair the vehicle added as an extension to the period of warranty cover.

16.10) Any warranty work must be booked in advance and is granted based upon availability, we cannot be held responsible for any delays or any third party costs as a result of delay.


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